Motorized Blinds / Curtains

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Automation for Window Coverings

Motorized Blinds and motorized shades powered by Somfy offer solutions to make life easier and more enjoyable! Motorized Blinds combine natural beauty with enhanced functionality and offer the ideal solution to control natural light, whether you simply wish to raise or lower the blinds.

Glystro, the automated curtain system, brings a completely new dimension to your home and its interiors. Smooth and silent operation with the latest innovation - a belt driven system that ensures you enjoy a complete peace of mind without hearing the motors. Glystro gives you the freedom to control the curtains either by remote control, wired switches or home automation system. You could even open or close your curtains manually without damaging the system and the fabric.

Choose from the stylish variety of hand held remote controls to give you the convenience of operating your blinds and curtains from anywhere in the house. Somfy remote controls have a transmission range of up to 200 meters.